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Stephanie Achille

A vision establishes a point in the future that we move towards with a common purpose and anticipated excitement. The Humane Society of the Flint Hills’s vision is to be in the business of love, to create a humane community where every animal is treated with respect and compassion. This would not be possible without donors and supporters who partner with us in this important work. No single group can solve the complex animal welfare issues we face. We are small, but we are mighty with the help of our friends!

When we work together, animal's lives are saved and people’s lives are enriched. Furthermore, the community is transformed through services and advocacy programs offered by our amazing team of staff, board members, donors, volunteers, adopters, fosters, social media followers, media friends, corporate sponsors, pet store adoption satellites, animal rescue networks, fellow community animal organizations, veterinary supporters, and the City of Emporia. Working side by side with our shelter and the community, innumerable opportunities for growth, as well as improvement and achievement in our programs for animals and pet owners lay ahead. We will continue developing and refining strategies to save more animal lives, making financially responsible choices through creative fundraising methods to ensure that our shelter is stable for the future, and continuing to grow our advocacy programs for the community. Your support makes all these successes possible! The year ahead holds new challenges for us, and we are ready! We hope that you will continue on with us on this incredible journey. On behalf of the animal whose lives we have touched, we thank you. They thank you.

Meet our Executive Director

Our Goals

Since April 2015, the Humane Society of the Flint Hills has been managing the Emporia Animal Shelter. In order to manage a successful shelter, the Humane Society and its partners have developed the following list of goals:


  • To reduce the number of existing animals at the shelter through aggressive on-line, media, transport, adoption, fostering, and/or transfer to other shelters.

  • To maintain an appropriate population of animals at the shelter through continued aggressive adoption programs, transport and on-line and media attention.

  • To manage the numbers of animals at the shelter, each animal when brought into the shelter will have an “exit plan”, so that each animal will have a determined adoption, transfer, foster or transport plan, with the goal of having a 2-3 week turn around at the shelter.

  • To ensure all animals adopted or transferred from the shelter will be spayed or neutered and to have a goal of having a spay/neuter clinic on grounds in the future.

  • To ensure all animals accepted into the shelter will have basic vaccinations prior to being placed into the general population at the shelter.

  • To ensure that all animals at the shelter are given exercise, food, water, shelter and interaction with staff while under our care.

  • To lessen euthanasia rates by ensuring an aggressive adoption, transport and transfer programs.

  • To lessen the occurrence of cruelty to animals, animals at large, and the importance of spaying and /or neutering pets, educational programs will be developed for the public, schools and organizations.

  • To develop a large volunteer base for assistance at the shelter, fund raising activities and other operations and events.

  • To develop an aggressive on-line, publicity and public awareness program to promote the positive aspects of the shelter and assist with adoptions.

  • To develop a larger foster care program for animals needing extra time to be adopted.

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